parker design group


This family retreat is a collection of pavilions that create and define exterior space, reflect distinct interior functions and break down the scale of the home. While located in a “traditional gated-community,” the owner desired a contemporary home. Bold massing, reinterpretations of traditional detailing and contrasting natural materials (cedar shingles, tabby & smooth cement stucco, and copper) were used to satisfy both the clients’ and architectural review boards’ desires.

 The pavilions are on an axis created by three curved cement stucco walls that render themselves both on the exterior and the interior of the home. These walls are symbolic of the ruins of the plantation house that was located on this stretch of the river. Facing the river, the massing of structures creates total privacy from neighbors while providing additional diagonal views across the site. Every interior space has views of the river including the kid’s pavilion which has a reading loft that overlooks the flat roof of the circulation arc to the river.

 The entry is defined by a vine-covered curved trellis overhead, as stepped terraces transition up to the custom front door which allow for views through the structure to the river beyond. Subtle geometric terracing of the site up to the front door and back down to the river allows the home to sit softly on its riverfront bluff site.